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Who is Crawley Creative Confections?

Crawley Creative Confections was founded by Josh and Larisa Crawley in 2021 as a way to make extra money for their family. With Larisa's love of art in all forms and Josh's natural baking talent, they officially opened their registered home bakery in February 2021. By October 2021, the bakery was booming so Larisa decided to manage Crawley Creative Confections full-time !

Crawley Creative Confections’ love of color and delicious foods make the bakery’s one-of-a-kind French macarons truly a life-changing experience! By utilizing designer techniques and state of the art baking equipment, our goal is to make your occasion stand out with show-stopping cookies. We focus on providing unmatched customer service with yummy artisan goods that can be customized just for you!

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